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we break the glass that cuts us
we break the glass that cuts us
only that
only that
30th Avenue
30th Avenue
fast food stand-up
fast food stand-up
mr. quantum
the ambassador action pose
svelte close-up
the ambassador
Zebro: Part I
Zebro: Part I
the serpent and the homecoming queen
the serpent and the homecoming queen
last call on the graveyard green
last call on the graveyard green
your dress is my coffin
your dress is my coffin
you're a natural disaster, baby
you're a natural disaster, baby
a vision of life, before death
a vision of life, before death
sore loser
sore loser
Walter's Backdrop What is this?
Why? because they were artists in the truest sense of the word; they took the world around them (and the world before them) and filtered everything they could through their own perspectives, whatever those persectives happened to be at the moment. they understood that music, or entertainment, went beyond simple chord progressions or killer hooks, that it was an experience, an entire package of talent, charisma, emotional expression and showmanship. they might not have been the greatest musicians in the world, but their reach went beyond music. they belong to their time, and to all other times.
Why? there's something so intimate about it; the peekaboo sun through the trees, the constancy of the stream, the smooth assuredness of the rocks...a place like that knows itself, which allows you to know yourself a little better.
Why? because it's the last song i ever want to hear before i leave this earth.

"there are places i remember all my life, though some have changed. some forever, not for better. some have gone and some remain. all these places had their moments with lovers and friends i still can recall. some are dead and some are living; in my life, i've loved them all.

but of all these friends and lovers, there is no one compares with you. and these memories lose their meaning when i think of love as something you. though i know i'll never lose affection for people and things that went before (i know i'll often stop and think about them) in my life i love you more.
Why do you like it? cause it makes me think of my mom.
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Erin Weston said: (on Feb 20, 2009)
check out my backbrite ;)
Jessica Kuras said: (on Feb 17, 2009)
I have heard of Gabriel Garcia Marquez...and just that he's a 'great author.' I am further inspired to read his works now...thanks!
Melissa Reyes said: (on Jan 30, 2009)
I loved reading all the descriptions of your drawings. Thanks for doing all this. You DID create all of us. hehe;)
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Jan 8, 2009)
Nice self portrait. It kind of, very slightly, looks like Phantom.

The PHANNNNNNNNNTOM of the opera is here...
Alecia Stephens said: (on Jan 8, 2009)
I've thought about writing scripts. It's always the dialogue that gets me though. For some reason every time I write people talking to each other it comes out stiff to me.

I did write a short story that ended up reminding me of a scene from a play. I'll tweak it a bit and post it on here.
Melissa Reyes said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
I appreciate your redacted comment.
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
Oh, Mel can say whatever she wants, but the good news is it's still on my wall. Haha!
Alecia Stephens said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
Haha. I think you have. It's quality stuff. Good to have you back here.
Alecia Stephens said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
Dang. Impressive.
Alecia Stephens said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
You post nothing for weeks and we get several poems in the span of an hour. You've been holding out on us.
Melissa Reyes said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
Walt, don't call Jeanne a vampire. It'll go to her head.
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
I'm so uncool.
Walter Kmiec said: (on Jan 4, 2009)
it's a beatles song. john lennon wrote it about his mother, who died when he was young.
Alecia Stephens said: (on Jan 4, 2009)
It's from a song Jeanne.
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Jan 3, 2009)
So, why aren't you writing? And who is Julia?
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Dec 9, 2008)
damn. best backbrite on site.
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Dec 9, 2008)
It does. the backlight, by far, is the least inspiring thing on my page, always.
Yours, however, is very rad.
Alecia Stephens said: (on Dec 9, 2008)
Umm seriously, that backbrite is amazing. How do you do that? I have no patience.
Melissa Reyes said: (on Dec 8, 2008)
That is the best backbrite EVER.
Thanks for movie night tonight!
Alecia Stephens said: (on Dec 4, 2008)
I've seen Springsteen twice. The 2nd time was the tour in support of The Rising album. It was pretty much a religious experience.
Alecia Stephens said: (on Dec 1, 2008)
Welcome : )
Melissa Reyes said: (on Dec 1, 2008)
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Dec 1, 2008)
(but remember, this wall cannot substitute for a real friendship either...)
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Dec 1, 2008)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was so excited to get that email notification:
Walter Kmiec is following you on backlight.

It's amazing. Now go forth and create!
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